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Przedsiębiorstwo Naukowo-Techniczne CIBET Sp. z o.o. (Scientific and Technical Company CIBET) began operations in 1988 as a contractor and provider of equipment and complex consulting services for district heating and energy sector.

PNT "CIBET" Sp. z o.o. also carries out complex renewable energy and district heating projects using the newest trends and technologies.

In January 2008 the activities in the scope of representing foreign equipment manufacturer and developing renewable energy projects was taken over by CIBET REenergy Sp. z o.o., a subsidiary company of PNT CIBET Sp. z o.o.

PNT "CIBET" Sp. o.o. is a publishing house too and issues 4 times a year the technical magazine "Armatura I Rurociągi"

Here an excerpt from CIBET's reference list.