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In the consulting field, CIBET created several "Master plan's" (a Master plan is a complex technical business plan or feasibility study covering complex investments and modernization to a cities district heating network) for medium and large scale cities such as Warsaw, Władysławowo, Sławutycze (Ukraine) aimed specifically to implement modernization and improve effectiveness. The Master Plan CIBET created for the City of Warsaw was the key document instrumental in Warsaw's obtaining a World Bank loan that covered modernization of it's entire district heating network, and installation of over 600 compact heating sub stations. As a direct result of this planning and implemented technology, Warsaw's heating system (the largest in Central and Eastern Europe with over a 1600 km network) is without question the most modern such system in the region.

In addition to our consulting activities, CIBET offers its clients a full range of services including feasibility studies, full energy audits (All Polish Municipalities has a legal obligation to create energy audits of their energy systems and CIBET is licensed to carry out such audits), energy optimization plans and help in financing and subsidizing renewable energy investment projects. In these above fields, CIBET completed over 50 medium and large-scale projects for Polish and Ukranian municipalities, and major industrial concerns.